Latest cards.

As usual I’ve been busy painting and actually also playing magic. The cards on the picture are here :  check em out,


Btw if you happen to read this blog and you like alters and you play Magic the gathering. Feel free to comment and suggest some cool alters. I might even paint some 😉

Another thing I thought I’d mention is Cockatrice. If you haven’t heard of it check it out. Because of the busy schedule and stuff going on I have been playing Mtg with . We just set up a voice connection a game with a friend and it’s easy to have some fun for an hour or so in the evening. Also saves you from going outside in to the harsh weather of the Finnish winter. I can recommend it for some nice gaming with friends. I also need to test out the drafting option with this and in the future.

Pla pla pla now I need to get to painting.


On ebay.

I do wish that I had time to paint and draw more and also different things but I do not. I do paint these when I have the time and I am trying to make the time every week now.

The latest patch is now on Ebay.

Right now I am painting some cards for this weekend.


Here’s a peek of what’s on the table.

When I don’t paint cards I do something else like build guitar effects pedals.  Like the ones below. I like me some weird sounds =)



On ebay.

Put these up for auction yesterday.

Close-up for Glissa.

As usual the auctions last for 7 days, check em out.

On ebay

It’s been a long time since I painted anything actually. Might keep it up so there could be more of these sweet hand painted alters coming.

Click the pick and check em out.