On ebay.

I do wish that I had time to paint and draw more and also different things but I do not. I do paint these when I have the time and I am trying to make the time every week now.

The latest patch is now on Ebay.

Right now I am painting some cards for this weekend.


Here’s a peek of what’s on the table.

When I don’t paint cards I do something else like build guitar effects pedals.¬† Like the ones below. I like me some weird sounds =)




On ebay.

Put these up for auction yesterday.

Close-up for Glissa.

As usual the auctions last for 7 days, check em out.

On ebay!

During all the other stuff going on I had some time to  paint these goodies to auction on ebay.

The Sunday auction used to be a thing I did almost every weekend, but it has been getting more random and sometimes I do have the time and most of the time I don’t. It would be fun to have something on there every weekend, but the next 6 months ahead are getting full. So if you see something you like place a bid and you might have a bargain.


On ebay

After a long break I had the time to paint something for fun, and a few i had lying around so…

..These are on ebay right now.