On ebay!

During all the other stuff going on I had some time to  paint these goodies to auction on ebay.

The Sunday auction used to be a thing I did almost every weekend, but it has been getting more random and sometimes I do have the time and most of the time I don’t. It would be fun to have something on there every weekend, but the next 6 months ahead are getting full. So if you see something you like place a bid and you might have a bargain.



On ebay

After a long break I had the time to paint something for fun, and a few i had lying around so…

..These are on ebay right now.

More revised and an UL

The owner of the revised cards below was so pleased with the cards that he asked me to paint some more. For my surprise he also wanted a Time twister painted, I just thought I would not be painting any Power in the near future.

Did my best with all of them and needles to say I had a happy customer.

Set of extended alters

It’s hard to find the time to update between all the things going on. I have been painting cards, doing some graphic design, figuring out how to build an electric guitar and I also had the time to take a little vacation and paint some video games.

After a serious spree of hardcore gaming on the holidays I was ready to get back at the desk and pick up the brush.

A while ago I painted these.