New look!

I took the time today to alter this site a little. The most important thing was that the theme Is responsive, so it should be more readable and look good on all devices. The old dark background is gone and I think it works well with the content.

Can’t finish a post without a photo or a scan so here…

A sketch for something I am working on.

Now I just need a new header and a couple of other things.



Splash! Kaboom! acrylics on line, 174 x 188 cm

These pieces and much more you can check out at

Splash! Kaboom! big

And  here’s also a couple of alter commissions.

Hydra omnivore Marchesa2

Splash! Snap! Pop!

I made a new blog!!

Why did I make one?? Because I had to, they told me to at school. The purpose for this blog I am “promoting” now is totally different.

I am going to add a link here and just to tease I am going to show a couple of pictures I have in there.

Go check out ART and keep updated!

IMG_5085 IMG_5205 IMG_5214 IMG_5239 IMG_5308

Happines is a warm gun

I took my time before posting this, I did not quite know what to say about this piece.

Many people have asked why I want to represent myself like this, and the point exactly that you’d ask. I really did not want to make a boring self-portrait and this was one of the first ideas. I can understand that the image might be a bit “raw” and that is another point, either you think about the idea behind this or you take it as it is.

The other thing is the name I gave to this one, it also has a meaning and for that you have to dive in to popular culture. One word: Beatles.

One thing I really wanted to incorporate to this piece is peace and warmth, a kind of an ethereal feeling. I think I managed to do that since people have said that it has an angelic vibe. After 6 days of hard work I was pretty tired but happy with this. When I look at it now there’s a couple of things I’d like to do with it.

Now I am done explaining, let the picture speak and maybe even raise some toughts.

Happiness is a warm gun, oil on linen 90 x 60cm

Happines is a warm gun valmis