More revised and an UL

The owner of the revised cards below was so pleased with the cards that he asked me to paint some more. For my surprise he also wanted a Time twister painted, I just thought I would not be painting any Power in the near future.

Did my best with all of them and needles to say I had a happy customer.


Set of extended alters

It’s hard to find the time to update between all the things going on. I have been painting cards, doing some graphic design, figuring out how to build an electric guitar and I also had the time to take a little vacation and paint some video games.

After a serious spree of hardcore gaming on the holidays I was ready to get back at the desk and pick up the brush.

A while ago I painted these.


This one went to a local commander deck.

really like the “come at me bro” look going on. Was a pleasure to paint.

Gideon love



Not your regular zombies thou.  My task was to take a punch of legendary video game characters and turn them in to zombies. I did some research and studied the characters a bit. After that I drew them and added some gore. The next part was to take some zombie tokens and star adding some paint on them. After I got the base color down I took the images I created and just started painting them on the cards.

After a while I got a set of evil brain eating zombies like Mario, Luigi, Sonic…

BBlaaargh….             Braa  a  innnnnssssh!


Zombi rabbit Zombi man Zombi link Zombi luigi Zombi bobble Zombi tatti Zombichu Zombi bubble Zombie mario Zombie sonic