This project took quite a bit of my time during a couple of months.

121 cards for a deck of elves, including some sideboard options and other stuff. All of the cards got the same treatment, a nice extension to the art to make them look even better than they already are. I believe that the uniqueness of this deck is something that will not be available to anyone else. I will not be reproducing something like this in the future and that what makes these projects so special, and fun. It’s like almost every card I paint is a limited edition, limited to the one.

If you have thought of getting something altered and painted by me, now is the time. My schedule for the rest of the year is filling up quickly and at the start of next year I am going to be working on something totally different for a month, or four. The work is for a board game under development. I am surprisingly going to work on the visual side of things and I will be updating the process in here too.

Now to the elves.

I started out with this.

ON the table

And this is how they looked after I “laid the brushes down”. Click the pics for a better look.

Elfing2 Elfing1