IT has been a while since the last post, this does not mean that I havent done anything. Actually I have been so busy that updating has not been the first of the priorities.

I have done some alters, the latest was this playset of chainlightnings.


I have also been very busy with my art, I have had my works on display locally and you could say that I’ve held three small exhibitions during the last 3 months. Right now the series I call “Rocking It” is being displayed at the walls of a local restaurant. They are going to be thereĀ  for the remainder of the year. After that they will go on tour again and hopefully they will tour around next year.



In the middle of this all I still find the time to take alter commissions, so if you have been thinking about getting a card altered by me now is a good time. At some point this might change and I will be too busy to paint Mtg alters as much as I do now