Yummy, yum!

Have not been altering cards, because of oilpainting.
I have been altering this 60 x 45cm plywood board for 3 days now.
Taking 8 hours of my time daily at school, should be finished on friday.

After 8 hours of daily very detailed painting theres no power to paint at home. This unfortunately means that I have not been altering cards. I have been getting the hang of painting with oils, or atleast I’d like to think so. I’ve been having so much fun testing out my new brushes, and figuring things out. This will actually be the first oil painting I have done when finished. The gun in the bowl is a softairgun I bought specially for this and it can also get handy in future if I decide to paint something with a gun/guns.

My hands are itching and can’t wait to get some more work done on this.

At the top is a picture of the progress so far, and a couple of picture from the first stages.