This is one of the first canvas paintings that I started to paint. It was nearly done but I just kept it on the shelf for a long time.A couple of  weeks ago I finally picked it up and painted for a couple of hours, while helping my friend with colouring 😉 I used a little bit of airbrush on this one also and I think I am getting the hang of it. The things I did with my airbrush would have taken a much longer time with a regular brush.  I found the image with a google search,  the painting is now on my wall and it was a good subject to start with.

The best thing about getting this finished is that I no longer have any unfinished paintings around. I had to get them done so I can start some new and bigger things.

"Dr.Doom" Acrylics on canvas 195 x 195mm
“Dr.Doom” Acrylics on canvas 195 x 195mm