Painting time.

I had this old clock without a battery on my wall. It looked pretty dull and it was not where it needed to be.

After staring at it for a while I had an idea. I took the clock off the wall and removed some parts so I could spray it black. After I had it prepped for painting I started with the “moons”. After I had those painted I took my airbrush and started to add some colour to the rim. The white dots or “stars” I had to paint by hand. After the rim was done it was time to paint the clock face. I used the same approach and decided to paint the numbers blue.

After the whole thing was painted I cleaned the glass and put the clock back together.

Now it is on my wall and I can see that it’s two minutes ahead.

Painting time. Airbrushed old clock.
Painting time.
Airbrushed old clock.