Sun queen

Yesterday I finished some school work.

This one was assigned to us 3 weeks ago, the theme we were given was Sun and energy. With all the other work we had to do I knew I did not have as much time to work on this piece as I would have wanted to and so I went with something familiar. I decided to make a really small painting with a good amount of detail and sharp lines.

The execution started when I got some photographs taken with my model. After I had the photos I started to work on the decoration and the layout of the piece. I knew I wanted the sun and the face to be the focal points of the painting and I think I managed to do that pretty well.

When I started the piece I had a really frustrating moment and I had to a couple of changes.

Today I got this one framed, I actually used an old frame that I sanded down, spackled and painted. After that I made a passepartout and cleaned the glass. I did take it to my local shop for the finishing touchhes today so I could save a little of my time, since I don’t have all the equipment I would have like to have.

Now it is at my wall waiting to be packed and sent.

Sun queen 450