No trespassing!

Our class got an assigment from school last week. A very cool assigment with a nice subject.

My own place in the world,  was the subject. Now that was something I liked because it left me with so much choices and I could pretty much do anything I want.

The only thing was that I had to do it with pencils and on an A3 paper. That did not bother me too much since I got to do something I liked. After a while of drawing shit with pastels and painting crap with oils in school it was a nice change to get to do something that gave you free hands, and I did came up with this idea pretty fast.

I did have much more stuff on my mind but this felt good so it is the one I chose. The original idea only had the brains with me inside, but it somehow evolved a little and the result is a “portrait”.

I started the work by taking some photographs with a little help from my friends. After I got the photographs and chose the ones I liked and made some slight editing. After that I was ready to start drawing. The first thing I did was the outlines and then some light shadows all around. After that it was pretty straight forward, first I finished me inside the brain and then started to work on the portrait. The final step was to “colour” the background.

I finished this one yesterday and I actually just could not stop before I got it ready so I worked almost 10 hours nonstop to finish it. I do have a week before I have to take it in so I could do much more with the piece, but I am actually happy with it and for me it is done.

I took some pictures about the different stages of the process and I might do a little slide show about it later.

Here is a scan of the piece.

No trespassing