Painting painting

Drew some hands at school the other day. I had to use pastels for those, so when I got home I decided to take out my acrylic colours and have some fun.

I have some ready gessoed canvaces  ready so I picked one up put it on the rack and drew some outlines for the hand. After that I started out with the background and I decided to keep it pretty simple and fast and went with a cool colourful space with lots of stars.

After I got the background to a good state I put down a basic coulour for the hand and drew the eye. Now the work is in a state I usually leave my own projects at, missing lots of refining, detail and finishing. My brother came by after I had painted for a while and had a new phone so I told him to get some crappy photos and send them to me.

You can see one of the pictures below, the quality could be a bit better but that can wait till I get this finished. Maybe I will get some photos with a proper lighting.