I paint a lot of cards, so it’s nice to have something else you can switch to when you feel like taking a little break.

I am a “little” slow with my own projects and this one is no exception. I started this 6 months ago and it might take another six to get it done.

There’s not much tought behind this piece, it was just something I began to test my new airbrush on.

I started with a  couple of black outlines and when I had those on the canvas I picked up the nearest colour I had and began to spray it where I felt. I just got all the areas covered with coulour a while ago and now it’s just basically a lot of smoothing and detailing I have left to do. The airbrush I have is a pretty cheap one and it is not that good but it will get the job done and eventually I will have to get a better one.

The funny thing about the painting is what people see in it. I had no idea when I started it and I really did not see it could represent something. Still my friends have seen an elephant, a fly, heart, dinosaur, Ribs of an alien and all kinds of stuff, and thats nice.

The whole thing is painted with an airbrush. I have used acrylic colours and the canvas is 65 x 55cm

Maybe eventually the thing will be ready and I will loan it to my neighbour.