For a change.

I was hanging out at my LGS one day, about 8 months ago. My friend came to stop by and he had this miniature. I had seen it before and I told him that I could paint it for free…

…It took some time.

I finally finished this one yesterday and it was about time I got it of  my desk.  My friend was very happy and it was worth the wait. I told him that I would make a decent paint job on it when I took the miniature from him, I could do better but for free this was what he got. The funny thing on this was making the snow, I tried a couple of mixtures after I got right. I don’t think the GW snow is the best product to make this kind of snow but it was what my friend had, so I had to go with it.

I also based the rest of his army while I was at it.

Here’s the wolf.

I wish I knew how to take better photos.