I like to cards in different styles so I  dont stick to what I know and I really like a challenge now and then.

Not much of a challenge here since this is the style I like the most, Sharp lines and clean colour. Sometimes it can be hard to paint faces (especially on women) on this scale but with the Baroness there was no problems at all. That might mean that I am getting better or I just got lucky and did not have to go back and repaint.

Now when people ask “How much is an alter” I always say that it depends on the alter. You have to realise that it is much harder to paint a celeb face the size of a fingernail than it is to alter a huge pokemon on the card. This is why it really depends. If  I can use a brush size 1 it means that I will be working alot faster than with the 000 brush. The most difficult stuff to reproduse are the ones from photographs, on this scale it is almost impossible to get every detail and all the little colour cvariations and hues in there.

Now I do have a couple exiting alters on my schedule and I believe a couple of them will give me a challenge. Usually I don’t have the time go really small and detailed but now it looks like I get to. This is also the reason that I don’t have many alters myself, I have some ideas but I just can’t find the time to do them. I still dream about finishing my Batman dark ritual set, eventually I will do it and it will look awesome.

Now here are the cards after some rambling.

These are also on Ebay till Sunday.

Jaya ballard, task mage Cultivate2Platinum angel