I recently finished a deck that I worked for for some time, I haven’t played a tournament with it yet…

…Instead I have played with this pile of cards and it has been fun.

I got back in to Magic not too long ago and the first deck I got together for legacy was Dredge. I have to say I really like the deck but it gets a bit boring after a while. That is why I came up with this “Delverstalker” and have been playing with it instead of the combo. I did miss some of the cards seen here when I played the first games and I had some pretty weird choises instead. The resent additions are the Bitterblossoms and Stalkers. I am constantly thinking about how I can make this better and what cards do I need in my sideboard.

Here’s the deck as it is right now.

Combo matchups are pretty easy with this deck. Creature decks are another thing, the most difficult match seems to be merfolk and goblins are quite tough too.

Yesterday I had some good luck in a legacy tournament that started with a match against merfolk that I lost 1-2, sideboarding worked well but in the end the those fishes ran over me. After that I played against UWblade and the games were really good, I won that round 2-0.

For round three I was facing Goblins (God damn goblins) and my luck just kept getting better. Game one for goblins, game two Goblins mulligan to 5 and I beat him down with a delver and Jitte. For game three I mulligan to 5 and goblins just smash me and I Loose the match 1-2 which ain’t that bad.

Time four round four and my first combo match against Hightide. I beat with delvers and counter all the right spells, easy 2-0 win. After that I play a match against whiteweenie, never played against it before and I had very little idea of what is in the deck. Good games with that one but unfortunately I loose 1-2.

I clearly did not make it to the top8 but I had some fun and I am pretty confident about this decks ability to compete with the best ones. I will continue playing with it and I will try some minor changes now and then.       Playing with this just has been so much fun that I think I aint picking up my Dredge any time soon…

I did change the Brainstorms on the picture with these.

I might paint a set like this for sale later but these are Some of the rare cards I painted for myself.

You might have noticed something shiny in the big picture. I opened these two from boosters, tought they looked cool and decided to keep em.