It’s friday night.

Well it was friday night and it wasn’t actually night, but  it was time to play some standard friday night magic.

Now where I live we usually have about 10-12 people at the regular FNM event, and you can imagine that everybody knows everybody.

This means that people know what other people like to play and are probably going to play, usually these decks consist from the latest innovations.

Now to me it’s all about fun , I dont care if I dont have the latest bombs and cant get together the deck that has been doing well on the world. If I cant do that I just put something weird together and show up to play anyway.

This means that I dont usually win at these events, but I still have fun while hanging out with some good people.

Yesterday was different thou, I have had a thing for infect for some time and after looking at the GP Orlando decklists I knew that people would likely play Blue and white with lots of cheap one drops.

Knowing that I put together the following deck.


4x Phyrexian crusader, 4xBlighted agent, 2x Whispering specter


4x Virulent wound, 4x Mutagenic growth, 4x Mental misstep,  3x Tezzeret’s gambit, 3x Black Sun’s Zenith, 2x Despise, 2x Cackling counterpart


2x Contagion clasp, 2x Phyrexian metamorph


4x Drowned catacomp, 2x darkslick shores, 4x Inkmoth nexus, 5x Island, 9x Swamp


2x Go for the throat, 2x Caress of Phyrexia, Sword of feast and Famine,  3x Ghost quarter, 3x Flashfreeze, 2x Surgical extraction, 2x tribute to hunger

After 5 games of palytesting against U/W control, I decided it was good enough and I would probably even win some games and surely beat the shit out of them U/W aggros. To my great surprise I actually went 4-0 and I only lost two games.

Round one, Fight!!

I faced Tempered steel in the first round. I won the roll and decided to go first, the hand was actually looking good exept for one little problem, only one land=darkslick shores. I looked at it for a moment and decided to go anyway, the reason for this was that I also had two mental misteps and two virulent wounds, and that would give me some time to draw. The game went pretty much as I suspected, he dropped stuff for the first three turns, I countered and destroyed everything and cleared his hand and left him with one card. After that it was not much of a problem to go trough with a crusader or two.

For the second game my opponent sided in 12 cards, while I did not see the need to side anything at all. The game was pretty much like the first one, exept that I had 3 Crusaders on the table in the end. I Just love Phyrexian metamorph being friends with a crusader. In the end Tempered steel had no chance at all.

Round two, Burn!

Next I was up against red. Now this was the toughest match up because of the decks speed and the fact that I had no chance of getting rid of them shrines. I won game one, Lost game two and got on top in game three. Phyrexian crusaders did their work in this matchup, but it was close. If I remember correctly I did side 2 Surgigal extractions for these games, since it was  the only way to get rid of the shrines wich got too big too fast. Luckily they were the only way to get rid of my Crusaders for him =)

Round three, Hammer time!

I was up against U/W control. The first game was an overrun, control had no chance against my speed and those timely reinforcements were pretty dead cards to have in hand. For game two I sided in a some Surgigal extraction and the two Caresses. Nothing happened till he got to 8 poison counters. While I had no creatures on the table he finally tapped out for Elesh-Norn . Then I just waited for my turn and sealed the deal with a Gentle Caress and that was it.

Round four, Wooosh!

Time to beat a White human/token/spirit ?? deck. The first game was pretty simple, I countered and destroyed everything for three turns and then I casted Whispering Specter. I managed to get it trough in the next combat phase, boosted it with mutagenic growth and immediately sacrificed it leaving my opponent to one card, wich was really nice because I had a few Tezzeret’s gambits in hand. The first game was pretty much over when I drew a crusader.

The second game I lost to bunch of tough flying tokens.  Black suns zenith would have been nice but no luck there.

Game three was a kill!! I managed to destroy and counter everything, got to cast a crusader and also take a copy of it with metamorph. My opponent tried to struggle and dropped some creatures on the way but they had no use against protection from white. I finished the game with a gentle caress =)

I was pretty surprised with my finish, but I did have a good feeling about the deck and its capapility of hammering the poisons trough and that is what it did.

Now these were the hammers of the deck.

And these were the tricks 😉

 I have to say that I don’t dig drafts and our local shop has a lot of those, so it was nice to get to play some standard for a change, and offcourse it was also nice to win .

Now how does this rambling relate to altering cards you wonder ?? Well it doesn’t but I did win some packs and I opened a Garruk, so can you guess what im going to do with it ??

Yep! You got it, I am going to paint it.

When?? I dont know, but I do have a good idea for it already.

Now for those who did go trough that wall of text and would like to get back the wasted time. No refunds, sorry =P